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Storiadelmondo ISSN 1721-0216, scientific, technical and professional electronic journal, are published periodically by Drengo with the collaboration of Medioevo Italiano Project (a cultural and no profit organization, registered in February 2001).

The journal is issued every two weeks and it examines historical events that have world-wide relevance. Special attention are paid to European and Italian history: ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern history. Minority and town history are preferred topics for contemporary historical issues.

The periodical includes a by-weekly appointment (Monday Night History) and includes indepth contributions in PDF. Its supplement is Rassegna Storica online New Series, continuation of the first historical e.journal of medieval italian studies (see Archive 2000-01). It explores important scholarly historical studies, written in several languages and published as PDF files.

All issues (and all contributions) will be stored in CD-ROM for Italian National Libraries (year-book). In our review there are no fees to pay to publish (or to read).

Scholars at all stages of their careers are equally welcome: Storiadelmondo aims to provide a platform for younger historians, as well as for more experienced and well known.

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